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We just got back from a wonderful family trip to Florida and being in the sunshine state made me think of one of my favorite collaborative styled shoots yet! Let me back up a little and tell you how this whole ball of sunshine came to be. My super talented friend, Nakia Miller of A Hand Crafted Affair, found me through Instagram. Nakia was looking for florals for her company holiday party and just so happened to work for a super-cool advertising agency in a super-cool industrial space in downtown Indianapolis. She came across some of my work that I did for The Hatch (see that piece here) through their Instagram and reached out based on how much greenery I used. Soulmates already. This was the start of a fun friendship.

You can see one of the pieces I did for BaM's holiday party here.

We both had such a good experience with each other that we knew...

July 13, 2017

If you follow me on instagram you might of noticed my posts slowed down a bit. This year has been SO CRAZY FULL of change. I moved halfway across the country (which that in itself has about 1094398439483948394.6987 changes), moved into a (new to me) house that we have been remodeling, have had to make new friendships and establish a new normal. What else. Oh yeah, I GOT ENGAGED. Best. Year. Ever.

I talk about New York City a lot, but I lived there my entire adult life and it is just...part of you. I have always been an artist, a maker. I entered local art shows growing up, took art in high school and college, and always found myself drawn to color and detail. Even though I was born with a love for it in my heart, my jobs in NYC and the insanely talented people I was lucky enough to work for are what and who really watered that little seed and made...

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