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December 21, 2017

I met Martha Hoover during my first few weeks living in Indianapolis. I attended a Linking Indy Women networking event and she just so happened to be the speaker. I was greatly inspired by her words and the biggest thing I took away from her talk was that she said she didn't have a plan b when she started Patachou, Inc. She was going to make her dream work and she did just that. I approached her after the event to thank her for her time and she was just as lovely to speak to one-on-one. Before starting Patachou, Inc., Martha was a sex crimes prosecutor. She had never worked in the hospitality industry, but was a foodie and wanted to serve people the same foods she served her own family, which happened to be fresh and local to the state. 

For the non Indianapolis readers, Martha Hoover established Patachou, Inc. in 1989 and has created five st...

December 19, 2017

When you are in an industry where visual stimulation is the name of the game, you realize how important it is to be picky. I have learned that it is not simply about the "right" clients picking you, but equally important is when you pick the right clients, the rest then

 tends to fall into place. I am so floored by the beauty in these photos. Kaitlyn Huff of Huff Photography truly told the love story of this day through her photos.

Jess and Nick reached out to me and told me from the start that this was not a typical wedding. I was already on board. Jess is the Director of Design & Fabrication for the inspiring local company People For Urban Progress (check them out asap!) and her brother is Michael Bricker, the Founder & Executive director of PUP ( among many other talented ventures!) Michael is abundantly talented as he is kind and I really enjoy...

December 14, 2017

'Tis the season, friends! Today I am sharing my first in-home design install with you. I love interior design and admit that it is truly my weakness.  I am way more likely to splurge on home decor than fashion any day. My Mom has been heavy into interior design as far back as I can remember. I typically credit my career with teaching me all the tricks to styling, but it really started with her. Whether it was everyday details or holiday decor, she always put thought into it and watching it give her so much joy ended up giving me joy and maybe that is why I fell so hard for it myself. She always made (and still does!) sure to have touches around for every holiday and that has always stuck with me. It is such an easy way to bring good cheer to your everyday. 

Audrey came across my instagram and reached out to me for some design help. She h...

December 10, 2017

Well, it happened. I finally found a client as obsessed with greenery as I am. I was so excited when Jasmine reached out to me because not only does she support my green dreams, but she is a creative photographer and small business owner and that is a wonderful client to have. We understand the process, communicate clearly and trust in the other's creativity. I was so excited to have freedom to give Jasmine the green wedding of her ( and my!) dreams and loved working with such a sweet bride. I will be blogging about this wedding twice because I loved it that much that I want to share my behind the scenes photos, but also because I am a big fan of Jasmine's photographer (Violet Short) and am elated to see and share her photos! Today I am going to share my own personal photo favorites from the process and I will breakdown the elements a little...

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