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One thing I am REALLY loving about being in a new place is all the different vendors I get to work with for the first time. The creative community in Indianapolis is so collaborative and FULL of talent. Each person I meet inspires me in a different way. I'd like to use this space to highlight others hard work and share the love.

Last week I got to work with Allison Tylek, of Allison Catherine Photography, while she photographed my event florals and pop-up flower shop. I rarely saw Allison during the event, but fast forward LESS THAN A WEEK later and I got tonsss of jaw dropping floral images from her. She is like a photography ninja! Her promptness and willingness to share her images of my work was so appreciated. Her photos have color tones that are beautiful and emotional. These are the same qualities that draw me to flowers.

Allison Tylek ( Allison Catherine Photography ) is a freelance Wedding, Family and Lifestyle Photographer based in Indianapolis. After graduating from IU 5 years ago, Allison started her career as a graphic designer working for design agencies across the midwest. While working with clients to develop their brands and websites, she started meddling in photography for client projects. Photography quickly became an obsession and every minute outside of the office was spent on photographing anyone and everything that would let her take its picture. At the beginning of 2016 Allison Catherine Photography was officially born. These days, she's pretty busy, but in the remainder of her free time you’ll find her traveling and helping with design and photography work for the fantastic people at Project Purse Indianapolis.

Project Purse is what brought Allison and I together! Project Purse was inspired by a viral social media post depicting a purse full of goodies to give to a homeless woman to make her day. Chelsea Marburger ( who is a total ROCKSTAR ) has started an organization aimed at doing just that. Project Purse Indianapolis collects gently ­used purses, fills them with basic necessities, feminine hygiene products, and beauty supplies to distribute to homeless shelters, churches, schools, etc. that have demonstrated a need. Also included in each packed purse is a handwritten card with words of hope, from one woman to another. With a focus on “reverse purse parties,” Project Purse Indianapolis hopes to target sororities, athletic teams and clubs, corporations, and groups of compassionate women who are willing to come together for a common cause: to empower women through basic products that we often take for granted and have in abundance. It seems like Chelsea knows everyone here in Indy and she is such a huge support and cheerleader for so many of us women in all different walks of life. I was honored to be a part of the Project Purse event at The Hatch ( if you follow me on social media @southernskydesign then you know I am obsessed with this awesome spot!) last week, providing flower arrangements and cash + carry bouquets for the purse packing ladies in attendance. I can't wait for you to see Allison's photos of my florals below. You can always click on the vendors name in these posts to take you right to their website for more info. Now go show both of these girl bosses some love! Huge thanks to Allison and Chelsea!

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