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L O C A L S i L O V E

Maybe it's the change in seasons. Maybe it's the change in me because of my life's seasons. Maybe it's that amazing man in my life. Maybe it's those healing powers that flowers provide. Whatever it is, lately I have felt such gratefulness in my heart. I've felt pride. Proud of myself for accomplishing many goals in the last six months, but most of all, being present and stopping in a moment and thinking "wow, this is awesome'. One of the things that has contributed to that is all of the new friends I have made in Indy. People often say to me "you know more people then I do here!". That is because I network, I reach out, I reciprocate, and I put effort in. Meaningful connections with people are so huge not only in business, but in quality of life. Through networking and other chance encounters, I have met some of the most friendly and talented people here. Some of them I met first, and some I met their products first. Whatever the case, it seems the order doesn't matter. At the end of the day, I've started to consider them all friends. I want to share products and services that I believe in and use myself. I want to support as many locals as I possibly can. Being on this side of starting a business was a real wake up call to me. This isn't just a hobby to us. It's not something we saw on Pinterest. It's stories, wounds, roots, dreams, tears, smiles, thoughts. All of these things that finally made us bravely say "I AM GOING FOR IT!". So, won't you join me in meeting and supporting the talented people of our city?

I feel like I have tried every face, hair, body product there is. From CVS to Bergdorfs, I've tried it. It is frustrating to spend money and get no results, or have it work for a bit, only to have the results fade away. As I get older (le sigh), I've realized the importance of skincare in particular. If you're in your 20's and reading this .... TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF AND USE EYE CREAM. I'm not kidding. You'll thank me. I had an aunt tell me to always rub lotion in an upward motion to keep the skin from sagging. I've always remembered that! I have three products from three local ladies that I use religiously. Read below about each and make sure to check them out!

My friend Laura is amazing. She has lived all over and worked with essential oils for a long time. Way before it was the cool thing to do and sell. She has such a happy personality and is ALWAYS willing to help and offer suggestions. As down to earth as they come, which all makes sense after using her products. I use her peppermint + basil headache remedy, scalp oil (don't judge me bc I have some flakes - winter was rough), and RELIGOUSLY use her fennel + calendula eye serum every single night. Like EVERY night. I have been using it for four weeks and see a dramatic difference. I won't be posting before and after photos because, well, none ya business what I look like up close! ha. One of the best parts is that most of her products are in a rollerball bottle. I can literally apply it in bed and not have stuff all over my hands. Let's be honest, the easier something is, the more likely we are to use it regularly. I really hope y'all go try it, you won't be disappointed! Follow her here

Emily might be one of the funniest people I know. We met at Laura's house when my Mom was visiting. My Mom is from Savannah and when I introduced her to Emily she said "MY Mom is from Savannah!". We all three talked about some of our favorite low country spots and chatted away. It was nice to feel that connection to home. Emily immediately told me about 17 people I should reach out to and offered to facilitate them all because she loved my work. Do you see why I feel so lucky now? I told Emily about this really intense muscle knot I have in my shoulder from 70 hour work weeks in NYC. When I get dehydrated, it starts hurting REALLY bad. Nothing says grandma like muscle knots + dehydration. ANYWAY. She was all "girl you need my muscle rub". Well, I got the "quit your bitchin'"muscle rub and used it THAT night. HOLY GOODNESS. It's better then icy hot and those adhesive things. It didn't smell or feel like a chemical numbing my skin. It lingered long after application and provided real relief. I use it about once a week. The best part of Bitchstix? All net proceeds are given to domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs. That is something I'm proud to support. TAKE THAT, ICY HOT! Follow her here

Leslie is as cool as I want to be. She is always impeccably dressed, drop dead gorgeous, and one of the absolute nicest people I have met here. We have done two events together and I have loved getting to know her. She also extended such wonderful advice to me and even offered to let me shoot some of my work in her studio. Kindness. It really goes a long way. In her own words:

"As an herbalist, intuitive coach, Reiki healer & teacher I believe that self care and ritual create personal revolution. I strive to provide the most compassionate, comprehensive care to each of my clients: care that inspires each one to cherish themselves and live their best life. Whether you're looking to incorporate herbal products into your regimen, receive energy healing, or desire an intuitive counseling session you will be held in the most open, loving of spaces. No pretense, no bs."

Doesn't that just make you want to hug her? ME TOO. I am addicted to her Bliss Balm. I use it on my feet and hands. It isn't oily and doesn't leave that annoying residue like most balms do. And it smells DIVINE. I use it every single night and sometimes throw it in my purse to use on the go. I have seen a huge difference in my dry midwest skin! 10% of proceeds go toward supporting the marginalized.

I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with these ladies and their companies, but either way, I hope you'll go check out their products and show them some love.They don't even know I'm writing this yet, I'm just sharing the people and products I love with y'all. They have shown me love, so tell them I sent you!

p.s. Don't forget that everything underlined is hyperlinked. That means you can just click on it and visit their pages!


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