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SSD + Williams-Sonoma

When I got word from Williams-Sonoma that they were participating in a local tablescape event and were interested in having me create a centerpiece for their design, I knew that was going to be right up my alley. Tablescape is a design that I know well. From my past experience in my work, but also being born to a southern mother from Savannah, Georgia. Growing up, dinner parties were in your blood. My grandmother made 3 meals a day from scratch and you could count on a display of her absolute best linens on any given Sunday. Again, it is all in the details.

While my taste tends to lean more towards the modern end of the spectrum, I welcomed the opportunity to push myself outside of that comfort bubble to create something for a classic, timeless brand like Williams-Sonoma. So, I thought it would be fun to explain some of my creative process to y'all ( hopefully someone besides my Mom is reading this). Along with a few iphone photos, the inspo terms I was told were: olive, wood, and Sicilian print linens. These three words together immediately made me think of one very large word: Mediterranean. Al fresco dining with Chianti's olives at a Tuscan Villa with open air rooms flooded my head. The dreamy sunflowers fields of Carmona, Spain and the vibrant colors of Greece were all immediate thoughts. I needed something to compliment these two photos that were provided and that emulated the feeling of all the visuals running through my brain.

So, what did I come up with? Olive branches and sunflowers for obvious reasons. Red ranunculus for the pop of color and the fact that their natural movement seems to feel as if they are, in fact, wild flowers. My favorite detail of the piece is the privett berries. They feel like tiny grapes or fresh berries picked from the country side. The sleek steel vase felt like an ice cold slab for cheese or stone for crudites. I could visualize a dozen pieces of my design lining a farm table with lush linens and brass candlesticks. No matter what you are designing, it's all the pieces together that make it what it is. I'll let you decide, but I think it was a perfect match.

Thank you to Williams-Sonoma Indianapolis for the opportunity and to Beth-El Zedeck for hosting such a fun event in Indianapolis.

Need fresh flowers for your event or store? I'm your gal!

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