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  • Lindsay Lanier

Last minute Marthas

Hey folks! I know there is a negative connotation with the words "last minute", but you know what? I often get my best ideas then. That doesn't mean I haven't thought about the subject for weeks or months (yes I think about my Halloween costumes for months), just means a great thought hit me..or I had 93483.653 things to do and this is when I could get to it. So, this post is for all those last minute Marthas that haven't found a costume for their little one yet or for a gal like me that has three different Halloween events to attend and dare not repeat a costume.

A month or so ago, sweet Abby Hake of Maeve Vintage + Little Miss Martha blog reached out to me about creating a special flower crown for her Olive's 1st birthday. If you aren't familiar with Maeve - they are a prop house located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and they have the most swoon-worthy items. Is it weird to rent props to just have in your house for a week? I mean, maybe I want that sweet navy velour settee for like a day. ANYWAY. What was so special about this flower crown you ask? She wanted animal ears! I was stoked. I had never done this before and I always love a creative challenge. Don't fancy yourself the DIY type? I've got you covered. In this post I'll show you how to flower up some really cute ears I bought off amazon + how to straight up make it yourself, if you so wish! Giving it a try? I want to see!

Let's start with the Amazon route. I bought these + these. So cute! This was the finished product:

W H A T W I L L I N E E D ?

-animal ears headband

-fresh or silk blooms ( I used fresh)

-oasis floral glue

-scissors or flower shears

There is no crazy trick here - except one. I call it the holy grail. If you are not already a flower person then I am going to give you a gift. Oasis flower glue. Buy it. Use it. It's magical and waterproof and a little trick of the trade. You can use it on anything - not just flowers, BUT it will get all over you and is hard to get off. Work with gloves or be very careful. It is very gooey and flows out of the tube fast. I usually use a toothpick to adhere if it is a tiny surface. You can buy it here. Helpful tips: You want to cut the stem off of the flower at the very top so that all you have left is the flower head. If you are using fresh flowers - make the head pieces the day you need them + make sure to give yourself enough time. A lot of people put flowers in the regular refrigerator, but I find it dries them out overnight.

Glue your flowers on, a couple pieces of greenery + boom! Cute kid alert.

Now, for those of you that want to make the crown. Follow these steps. I promise it's easy! Cute naked cake from my girl Nakia of Fork & Funciton.

W H A T W I L L I N E E D ?

-tape measure

-grapevine wire (Hobby Lobby, Amazon, some garden stores)

-floral wire ( you can get from Hobby Lobby - I used 24 gauge here)

-wire clippers, flower schears ( scissors will work just fine - just need some elbow grease)

-floral tape (skinnier the better)

-Fuzzy Stems ( aka furry stuff )

-1 piece felt

-Oasis floral glue

-Fresh or silk blooms ( I used fresh)

-Pretty ribbon!

H O W T H E H E C K D O I D O T H I S ?

1. Measure diameter of child's head or google average size for that age + guestimate ( this is why I make ALL of my flower crowns adjustable)

2. Cut grapevine desired length and twist to make loopholes on ends.

4. Cut one large ( or several smaller for a fuller look) piece of greenery and wire to grapevine.

5. Cut two equal pieces of the furry stuff - these have wire in them so if you do not have wire cutters - scissors will work, just apply pressure and wiggle it apart.You will bend these in half for the outer portion of the ears.

6. Cut one side of the furry stuff down- this will be the inner part of the ear.

7. Wrap the ends of the furry stuff around your flower crown where you want your ears to sit.

8. Cut out two half circles from felt. Line the edge with Oasis flower glue and glue to the BACK of the furry ears. ( Adjust the ears to how you like them and trim off as much as you like!)

9. Attach flowers with wire by taping them in tiny groups ( think mini boutuonierres ) or in singles. ( Some people prefer to tape each one to the crown - wire is easier in my opnion.)

10. Tie ribbon to the loopholes - this makes the crown adjustable and cute! Leave the ribbon long so it flows down the back.

N O W P A R T Y!

P.s I recently did this for myself, sans flowers. I will post that photo at the end. All I used was a head band and the furry stuff!

Got it?? Don't other think it and like with anything, figure out what works best for you. The outcome will be pretty cute!

** This was the one I did for myself using ONLY a headband and the furry stuff. Took 10 minutes. You just bend away!

Happy Halloween!!

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