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green goals

Well, it happened. I finally found a client as obsessed with greenery as I am. I was so excited when Jasmine reached out to me because not only does she support my green dreams, but she is a creative photographer and small business owner and that is a wonderful client to have. We understand the process, communicate clearly and trust in the other's creativity. I was so excited to have freedom to give Jasmine the green wedding of her ( and my!) dreams and loved working with such a sweet bride. I will be blogging about this wedding twice because I loved it that much that I want to share my behind the scenes photos, but also because I am a big fan of Jasmine's photographer (Violet Short) and am elated to see and share her photos! Today I am going to share my own personal photo favorites from the process and I will breakdown the elements a little more in the next post.


The only "flowers" I used were protea, brunia, privett berries a few pieces of fresh lavender, per the brides request. You know how I love texture and pattern and boy did these work well together. The only lace I could find locally that I liked was a wire edge roll. In my opinion, lace is prettiest with a floral detail embellishment because that is what makes it look vintage and not cheap. I simply cut the wire edges off to give it more of a boho feel.

I just so happened to stumble across the only perfect heart blue thistle I have ever seen and knew that had to be the groom's bout. How fun is that?? It was also our first snow day here in Indy and I think it is clear to see that it inspired me! I loved the woodsy, fresh look of these personals and cuff corsages have become one of my favorite things to design.

I was really excited to make a greenery alter in this space. The bride and groom choose a really cool historical home on the south side of Indianapolis in Glenn's Valley Nature Park. The room was small and intimate and made the greenery the absolute focal point. I loved it.

I have pulled my wedding clients way back. I am focusing on smaller weddings with design details that feel organic to me and this was definitely one of those. I can't wait to share more with you!

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