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nick + jess: huff photography

When you are in an industry where visual stimulation is the name of the game, you realize how important it is to be picky. I have learned that it is not simply about the "right" clients picking you, but equally important is when you pick the right clients, the rest then

tends to fall into place. I am so floored by the beauty in these photos. Kaitlyn Huff of Huff Photography truly told the love story of this day through her photos.

Jess and Nick reached out to me and told me from the start that this was not a typical wedding. I was already on board. Jess is the Director of Design & Fabrication for the inspiring local company People For Urban Progress (check them out asap!) and her brother is Michael Bricker, the Founder & Executive director of PUP ( among many other talented ventures!) Michael is abundantly talented as he is kind and I really enjoyed getting to meet and work with him on his sisters special day. Jess and Nick also brought on Courtney Colbert to coordinate the details of their reception ( blogging that separately!). Between the five of us, we had several meetings and it was so much fun to all pitch in ideas. The most important component of this story is that Nick and Jess wanted this wedding to be one thing - them. And it was. It was small and quiet without a lot of fanfare, but the details brought such an aura of love, friendship and authenticity that it was on a level you couldn't achieve if you had tried. Jess LOVES flowers and color. She wanted it to feel natural and bright. This is not my typical palette, it pushed me to create something outside of my box and for that I am grateful because as an artist, that is what we strive for.

The ceremony was held on a Friday, early afternoon, at Irwin Gardens with family (and friends that are family!). The reception was weeks later and will be blogged in a separate post to break down some pretty fun elements. Kaitlyn's photography, Jess's spirit, and the beauty of Irwin Gardens all made me feel like I had been transported back to an Art Deco, Gatsby era. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have. More celebrations like these please!

Cheers to Nick + Jess!

All images by Huff Photography |

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