• Lindsay

anna + nick

Even though last weekend was quite the spring teaser, I got the photos from one of my winter weddings last week and just had to share.

Anna reached out to me through one of Mike's friends from high school. She hired me and to this day we have never actually met! It is so nice when a bride just trusts you. Fun fact: I never met my florist in person either! Anna wanted a winter bouquet and sent me a few inspo photos. I created a board for her with flower types I would use and she just let me roll with it. The outcome was fab and I loved the use of the pine cones she requested. I wired them myself, but pine cones can get bulky and not everyone wants the oversaturated (in my opinion) giant editorial bouquets so I found these really cool faux pine cone / spike stems at Hobby Lobby and they were perfect. Don't be afraid to use the resources you have. I try to do that as often as possible and stay away from spending crazy money on ordering things. Design, to me, should feel attainable and aspirational.

I love the moody tones and depth of texture. It feels like we went in the woods and found every wild thing we could. The only thing I designed for Anna's wedding were the bouquets and THAT is why I focus on smaller intimate events because it allows me to do just that, focus. I made every single bouquet myself with my own hands. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did!


I have to give a great big virtual hug to Casey Rucinski of CASEY AND HER CAMERA. She posted sneak peeks after the wedding and went out of her way to credit all vendors. She even sent us the link to the entire gallery. I cannot tell you as an artist, designer, maker, business owner, etc how HUGE that is. We are all working for the client. We are all paid by the client. It is free marketing for you to send me your photos and let me post them while raving about how much I love them and how much I loved working with you - all while tagging you and spoon feeding your contact info to potential clients! Most of the photographers I have worked with have been so wonderful and totally get it. Just my little reminder here about how much we appreciate your work and willingness to share our work because we are all in this together. It's not so fun to reach out to the bride and ask for the photos because they usually are not laser focused on the wedding anymore and forget to send. They also usually send just a couple and they don't have my same eye for design or curating. Just a friendly reminder to list credit and tag! If you don't tag me IN the photo then it is lost in the black hole and does not show up on my account. If you do not list me as credit for my work, it is like me not listing that it is your photo. Teamwork makes the dream work, folks!

Check out Casey on instagram here