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curb appeal

I am excited to share this post with y'all because it is something a bit new and fresh as far as services go. Flowers, writing, throw pillows - they are all details that come together to create something and to make you feel something. Growing up, my Mom was constantly rearranging our house. She loved to go antiquing and that became something we did together quite often. All of this to say that I am completely head over heels, love-struck for interior design and I owe it all to her. I always have been. I would much rather spend money on a new rug than any pair of shoes. I don't really love calling it interior design because I am not technically trained in it and I never want to diminish the hard work of those that are, but in this era of Joanna Gaines and the DIY movement, anything is possible if you have the passion.

My first real interiors project was a holiday install I did for one of the Indianapolis Colt's players and his sweet wife. They have become friends and not only do we adore them, but I am so flattered that she gave me this opportunity. You can see that project here. Instagram might make it look like I play in flowers all day, but I actually have a full-time gig at the corporate office of a construction/property management company in Indianapolis. They have 17 properties that spread across Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. It has been a huge blessing to find a company that recognizes my strengths and also has some of the most fun people to work with! One of our projects is a really modern building that is bringing a fresh feel to Indy. I have been running their social media along with some of their photography and was recently asked to do some staging in a few of the units. The one I am sharing today is a very small project, but an easy segue into something I really enjoy doing.

My budget was $150 and with only 3 of these floor plans left on the market we needed to add some inviting charm to the front door. This was the before.

All of the interior design blogs and books I have read say you should start with a design board which makes sense because that is exactly what I do with flowers. I always have in it my head, but it helps to put it in a graphic so that when you are sourcing and shopping you aren't wasting your time looking in all different directions, however, I also don't always stick to it 100%. Sometimes you see something and it makes you rethink everything, but still - I try and start with solid pieces that I know are the look I am going for.

I wanted to stick with black as my guide to compliment the railing, but also because we have reached that point in a trend where grey is way overdone, in my humble opinion. Black will always be around and it feels right with the modern facade of the building. Below is a photo so that you know what the rest of the building looks like.

I really love pattern play and wanted this to feel sophisticated, but also fun. This woven pillow from Target's new line, Project 62, is ah-mazing and only $19.99! When you only need one or two, that really is not a bad price point. Do you know the story behind Project 62? In the words of Target:

"1962 was a big year. Modernist design hit its peak and moved into homes across the country. And in Minnesota, Target was born — with the revolutionary idea to celebrate design for all. Project 62 embodies this legacy with a collection of modern pieces made for everyday living."

Total heartthrob. That's right, folks. Target is from the Midwest ( I'm looking at my southern + NYC friends right now).

I mixed it with this graphic seat cushion for a whopping $12.99 and made the perfect trifecta with this metal club chair, also from Project 62 and only $39!! I love these chairs SO much. They are the perfect happy-medium between a classic rocking chair and a modern minimalist chair.

With a small front porch, you can't fit much, but a welcoming seat, warm wreath, and friendly doormat is really all you need to to emulate that feeling of "Come on in!". I usually prefer a graphic doormat, but for this specific purpose of welcoming potential residents a literal one felt a bit more fitting. You can snag this one off Amazon for $19.99!

I am not a fan of over the door wreath hangers. They just look dated and meh to me. Leave it to Joanna Gaines to go and change my mind. This nail head wreath hanger from her line at Target, Hearth + Hand, is so lovely and gets the job done while also being super stylish for only $9.99. Sold! I also snagged her fern wreath because its a little wild, just how I like my florals. It looks more realistic and custom than some perfect circle flowing in the same direction.

I also can't get over the details on the Hearth + Hand items. The gold plate and the metal hook - it just makes you feel like you bought a quality piece for half the price.

Well, there you have it! My total came to exactly $150 and this was all done with purchases from Target and Amazon. Design IS within reach. If you have some small interior jobs you want some consulting help on for your residential, commercial or retail space - let's chat!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Lindsay Martin :)

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