• Lindsay

a sweet celebration

One of the first people I met in Indianapolis was Heidi Heth. I already followed her sweet biz Haven Paperie and was so happy to run into her at a pop-up event that we were both involved with. It was my first time ever doing anything publicly with flowers- which is now fitting that it would be the first time I met her. We were fast friends and decided to join forces and do a two day pop-up at City Market in downtown Indianapolis for Valentines Day two years ago. It was a huge success! Not long after, Heidi assembled a group of 8 women. We were all starting or had recently started a small business. All navigating that season and most of us without a business partner. We all needed a safe space to be open and bounce ideas. Just like that, we had a community. We met once a month in Sarah's backyard inside her beautiful roasting room and headquarters of Blue Mind Roasting. I got so much courage from this group and Heidi has been a constant rock for me in a new place. I will forever be grateful that Heidi brought all of us together and most of all, that she and I grew such a close friendship over the last two years. Last night, we each brought a dish and enjoyed a night back at our table to celebrate her. I wanted to share a few easy, but thoughtful things you can add to your table or celebration!.

Plastic can be cute! Listen, I try and use chemical free things, recycle, etc - but sometimes ya just need some disposable goods. It makes the clean up so easy when you are in someone else's space. I got this cute plastic flatware, the coupes and turquoise plates from Sugar & Cloth's tabletop line. Because this was a celebration for a card designer - I wanted fun colors that reminded me of her art. The Meri Meri sunshine plates screamed Heidi and were too cute to pass up!

I wanted to bring a personal element to the table. That is THE most important detail of any gathering, in my opinion. I creeped her Facebook and snagged some fun pictures of her along with some of our group from my own collection. I made "fake" polaroids by printing the photos on regular printer paper and then using doublestick tape to adhere them to white cardstock. Use a papercutter for straight lines and voila - you have a fake polaroid! I staggered them down the table on photo stands and directed each guest to sign a polaroid with a little message of celebration for Heidi to keep. I grabbed some fresh sunflowers from Trader Joes and put them in Blue Mind mugs that were made locally by Vanhoy Pottery.

Laura of Twig & Birdie brought delicious cupcakes complete with a unicorn candle for a wish! I

I thought it was such a cute touch to a non-birthday!

It was a great night and so much fun to celebrate a sweet friend! Thanks to Sarah for hosting and if you are not already following all of these talented ladies then get on it!

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