• Lindsay

easter 2020

Well, folks, an astounding 5 people have promised to read my blog if I bring it back so I must give the people what they want! I can't believe it has been almost two years since I touched this little online journal of mine. There was a transitional period between shutting down Southern Sky as an operational business and finding my footing in Corporate America - all while striving to keep my personal passions alive. When I reflect on this past year and all the wonderful places I went for work and personal, organizations I joined, inspiring things I saw or created because of all of the above - I regret pausing this documentation of my journey and so, here we are.

Everyone's lives look different today than they did a month ago. I in no way want to trivialize that with a blog about pretty plates and tablecloths, but someone messaged me on Instagram last week and said the simple, pretty pictures I was posting brought them some joy in a dark time and even made them reminisce through their own Easter memories. A distraction is no cure, but sometimes it's a necessary medicine and that message meant a lot to me. So, I'd like to share how we chose to celebrate Easter in our home during this pandemic - through nostalgia and really good food.

Honestly, nostalgia should be my middle name because almost all of my entertaining pieces, and even the decor on my walls, has meaning. I love pulling out my grandmother's linen and using our wedding china any time we can - to create a special experience. Whether you host one guest or 200, the warmth (or lack thereof) you put in truly defines the experience. I started with my Meme's handmade, lace tablecloth. She always, always had a beautiful tablecloth and crystal coasters. You could either find her cooking, sewing, or tending to her roses (or at the hair parlor once a week) - the ultimate southern housewife and exceptional grandmother. Being able to touch these pieces and walk by them truly feels like she is here - plus, if you are going to store em, use 'em!

Easter 1987 | My debutante ball 2007

Next I decide the china. Chargers are not necessary on a linen, but sometimes I like to fill negative space with texture. I also like to mix and match china. A singular pattern has it's time to shine, but why not have some fun with it? I found these salad plates at Pier One last year when I was a featured designer at the Indiana Flower and Patio show. I never go to Pier One, but I searched every store in the city and loved the playful, modern print and shape of these. Living in NYC tried to steal my love of color, but I found it! I paired them with our uber traditional wedding band pattern - I wanted our fine china to be classic, but chic. I included our two-tone, fine flatware with some neutral, but playful napkins.The glasses are a replica of some that my parents had growing up and another wedding gift from sweet family friends. I love them. One of my favorite parts of the table is the linen coasters. You can see every stitch and that makes my heart flutter! I picked these up in an antique store in Thomasville, Ga the summer before I moved to Indiana. They remind me of that special time and my first, forever home. My Mom has always done a festive centerpiece for every holiday and it just kills me to see the middle of a table empty. Ginger jars are my favorite and any blue and white pattern reminds me of her. Classic, white Lily of the Valley gives some air to this busy palette and the moss bunnies are just fun. I'll eventually replace or remove that gingham ribbon.

Well there you have it! We spent the day cooking, watching a livestream service from church, and video chatting with family. It was a great day despite the current circumstances and I hope yours was , too.

Love, The Martins

P.S. Don't forget to treat you cast irons (I use olive oil) and butcher blocks after a heavy day of cooking. This is our favorite block oil.