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Curious George Party - Shepherd is 2!

Greetings from my dusty, semi-retired blog. I miss reading blogs a lot, so maybe I should do my part to keep them alive. All of that to say, thanks for stopping by!

Everyone says it'll happen. I simply can't believe my baby is two. I figure we have about three birthday parties where we, the parents (moms), get to decide the theme. Shep Loves Curious George, and more than anything, he loves books. I hope these memories always live in Shepherd's head & heart as some of his best.

I think we have to start with the cake! At first I was thinking fondant clouds, but no one *really* enjoys biting into fondant so I had the baker create clouds with piping. I get all of our cakes from Market District and they never disappoint. I've been waiting years to use this Meri Meri mini-balloon number. You don't have to look far for cool cake topper ideas that don't break the bank - check your toy collection! I use one of my grandmother's silver trays as a cake stand - feels like she is there with us in our most special moments.

Now let's talk table - my favorite. I knew I had to work in the Man in the Yellow Hat, so I ordered yellow cones and added black electrical tape to the base - voila! Full disclosure - I *thought* I ordered regular sized cones (think P.E. drills), but the ones that came fit in the palm of my hand and it was a happy accident. I punched a hole in the top and added some tulips for an extra pop and dash of sweet. If you don't regularly live in CG's world, you may not remember he lived in NYC! I just love that nod to my past and the place where we started our family, so I had to include some yellow taxi cabs, of course. The use of stripes is an easy way to add a masculine touch, and I liked pairing them with the scallop details to make it still feel baby, not quite big kid. We hosted the party in our neighborhood clubhouse, so I brought disposable tablecloths and a paper runner (Hester & Cook is my favorite!) to easily dial up the color scheme a bit.

This was not my first attempt at a photo booth, but I think it might be my best! I made this one low to the ground so the little guests could really enjoy it.

It was just the best day with so many that we love and I can't wait to do it again next year!



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