Q: Is this a business? What exactly is Southern Sky Design? 

Well, yes and no! When I first moved to Indiana from New York City a few years ago, I wanted to create my own brand - my own little imprint in the world. Through the power of networking and old fashioned hard work, my brand found a home in Indianapolis. That brand has evolved from a full-time floral design business, to a selective project design business of storytelling, styling and visual art.

Q: Where are you from?

Born and raised in wonderful South Georgia, I moved to New York City at the age of 22. After nearly a decade in the big apple, I fell in love with an Indiana boy and well, the rest is Hoosier history. We currently live in Indianapolis and I feel thankful to call several places home.

Q: What did you do in NYC?

When I first moved to NYC I was a nanny + did my fair share of traveling with families. I met some of my closest friends during that season of life. Oh, the crazy celeb stories I have. After nannying, I worked as a celebrity PA  for one of the most notorious shoe designers in the world (yes I got free shoes!).  After leaving that position, I worked as a celebrity PA + Project Manager for the Founding Editorial Director of one of the top wedding magazines in the world  My time working on photo shoots with the top talent in the creative industry taught me most of what I know about prop styling, photography and curating content. There is so much value in listening and watching. Like they say, if you're the smartest person in the room, find a new room.

Q: Have you always been creative?

    Yes! I still have doodle pads full of sketches from my childhood, but the creativity part really came from my Mom. She worked in banking, but has a passion for interior design. She taught calligraphy, collected inkwells, and took me antiquing almost every weekend. She still calligraphs wedding invites from time to time. Many skills can be learned, but I do believe you are born with a creative eye. 

Q: What do you "do" now?

I work as a Project Manager for Cummins and no, I'm not an engineer. I hold community relationships, execute top tier corporate calendar events around the US, lead art tours for our Indianapolis building and so much more. I value the people I work with and for. My role truly combines my passion for design and experience. I feel very lucky.


Q:What do you want people to know about the content you create?

 The details that make up the power of design - the ones that generate an emotion, a memory. I want to provide something for people - something that transports them to a joyful, often nostalgic, space. Authentic, meaningful connections are where my interest lies.

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